Drifting in Brno

We had a chance to try the Brno racing circuit during open days

it is the circuit where was also RSC races ->
for example year 1984 with Hans-Joachim Stuck (D)/Dieter Quester (A)


click it for video

it is 46 MB - you won´t be disappointed if you like driftooooo :D

camera was near the biggest curve

there is also a special 6er only video http://www.eurodoprava.cz/bmw/DCvsJaraXdivx.avi

and there are also a lot of photos ->
in the gallery here -> http://www.bmwklub.eu/misa/renocar200610/
and some of my 6er
part of our crew

some info about the circuit
it is official circuit for moto GP and it is also F1 capable

length - 3,4 mile / 5,4 km

max speeds in km/h

vertical alignment of the circuit in meters